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More Lies From Adam Schiff

More Lies From Adam Schiff

Good old Adam Schiff, always good for some lies.  If anyone watched the impeachment hearing(s) of former President Trump may remember Adam Schiff.  He is a U.S. Representative from California.

He is also a very bad liar.  I noticed during the hearings whenever he decided to skew the truth, cherry pick the truth to twist it into his narrative, and all out lie; his eyes would bug out.  The bigger the falsehood, the bigger his eyes.  Kind of like Pinocchio.  Looks like he riled up some Border Patrol agent(s) over his comments about Republicans.

I'm going to say this, as much as the Democrats keep saying let's work together and let's all get along, they sure do like to demonize their political opponents.  A lot.  Hell even the President, who claimed peace at his inauguration, blasted Republicans during his State of the Union speech. 

Border Patrol official rails on Schiff's 'disgusting' attack on Republicans at House hearing: 'Total lies'

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