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More Trouble for Fauci

More Trouble for Fauci

It seems as though Mr. Fauci (at this point, I will not call him a Dr.) has more problems surfacing around the Controlyavirus.  The Intercept released a report on Monday revealing more about Fauci.

Only problem is, I cannot find the report on the Intercept's web page.  I linked it just in case it does show up. *To add, it seems now that The Intercept ismore concerned with 'not letting a crisis go to waste'. *this addition May 26, 2022.

But here's a couple of articles talking about renewed calls for Fauci to be fired or resign.  Seems as though he has been caught in more lies.  How many lies are we going to put up with from this fuck??  There is also an article about two FDA officials resigning over Fauci's mishandling of the booster shot(s).

Dr. Fauci Faces Call To Resign, Answer For Shocking Report About U.S. Government Funded Wuhan Research

Top Scientist On New Report About Research In Chinese Labs: It’s ‘Clear’ Fauci Was ‘Untruthful’

Top FDA Officials Resign Over Booster Shot Process That Was Rushed by Dr. Fauci

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