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No Stars Seen in India's Moon Landing

No Stars Seen in India's Moon Landing

I was nine years old watching an old maybe 13" black and white TV with the whole family as Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20, 1969.  Now there's a whole lot of folk who say it didn't happen, ever.

Their biggest 'evidence' is the fact that stars are not really visible in the sky in the background of all the pictures.  Let us take a walk down the road of common sense.  They landed on the lighted side of the moon, so that means they were in 'daylight' and not the 'nighttime' where the sun is not hitting the moon's surface.  Ask yourself.  When the sun is hitting the earth's surface, can you see any stars in the sky?

So, fast forward about fifty plus years with all of our many advances in tech.  India is running a space program and landed on the moon recently.  Take a look.  Do you see stars, now that we have better tech?  Nope.  Because it is 'daylight'.

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