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Not Like This is New

Not Like This is New

The Federal Bureau of Investigation?  Instigation, more like it.  We saw how militarized our FBI had become in 1992 on a little hillside in north Idaho.  Do not get me started, they'll have me dead before morning.

So, now that some folks are going to testify and say some thing about the FBI that is not a glowing report, well this is how they are getting treated:

"As per a report in The New York Times, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has revoked top-secret security clearances of three whistleblowers. The reason behind this move, as per the FBI's letter to Jim Jordan (the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee) is doubts over the whistleblowers' "allegiance to the United States." Interestingly, two of the agents - Marcus Allen and Stephen Friend - were scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary panel on Thursday, with respect to the militarization of the federal government."

Here's an especially good quote:

"The three agents had already been placed on administrative leave after they questioned how the FBI handled the case from January 6 and expressed their opinion that the bureau had been used as a weapon against conservatives."

Let's repeat that.  "that the bureau has been used as a weapon against conservatives".  No.  I just don't see that.  Endless FBI investigations of President Trump, but nothing for Biden, Hillary, et. al.

FBI Allegedly Retaliates Against Whistleblowers Before They Testify Before Congress; Removes Clearances?

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