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Today is the First Day of June

Today is the First Day of June

Well, it seems as though June has been designated as another one of those 'months' for the 'oppressed'.  I get it.  There has been a very dark history of brutal and lethal acts against folks with different skin colors.

All those groups, though, are born that way.  I do not care how many 'professionals' keep repeating the same mantra, that being LGBTQRST is also something you are born with.  I call bullshit.  But they've decided that June is LGBTQRSTUVWXYZABC month.  Funny, that is the month that most folks get married.  I mean, if you want to think you're penis or vagina is a mistake and you chose to change it, I could care less.  But our children are sufferer from this fishy waffling on how we are biologically born as either male or female.

Let us just remember what the rainbow actually stands for.

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