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Pence Investigation Closed

Pence Investigation Closed

In the never ending 'documents' charge(s), as we know, Hillary Clinton got a free pass, President Biden is probably going to get a free pass, and former Vice-President Mike Pence is getting a free pass now as well.

Why?  Because it is all about Trump baby.  Like Julius Caesar, they want to keep Donald Trump out of Rome at all costs.  We are no longer a nation of laws.  At. All.

  • "The Department of Justice will not pursue criminal charges against former Vice President Mike Pence related to the discovery of classified documents at his Indiana home.
  • There was never an expectation that Pence would face charges, as there was no evidence he intentionally hid any documents from the government or even knew they were in his home.
  • The Biden and Pence cases differ from the investigation into former President Donald Trump's handling of classified documents, as aides in the former cases proactively disclosed the discovery of classified documents to the Justice Department and facilitated their return, whereas Trump resisted demands to return such documents."

DOJ closes Pence classified documents investigation with no charges

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