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Preacher Threatened with Jail Time

Preacher Threatened with Jail Time

If you haven't noticed, the second amendment is not the only one under attack these days, the first amendment is being shredded as well.  We saw it during the Controlyavirus, churches not allowed to meet.

We're also seeing it in the guise of 'hate speech'.  When I was a kid, I was told that words will never hurt me.  Guess things change, right?  Now we must make sure not to use certain words, words that will change all the time.

"An outspoken street preacher is appealing to the Oklahoma Supreme Court after he was slapped with a five-year restraining order that his attorneys say threatens him with jail time if he violates the order by speaking out in opposition against a local LGBTQ advocacy group.

"Rich Penkoski, a pastor who heads up the online organization Warriors for Christ and has protested drag shows for children nationwide, told Fox News Digital that he believes the restraining order is unconstitutional and could herald a legal precedent that could chill the speech of Christians and others."

Street preacher threatened with jail time after citing Bible verses against local Oklahoma LGBTQ organization

Just for kicks, this in from across the pond.  Of course, Britian does not have any first amendment like we do, so there is that.

"Christian street preacher David McConnell has shared the story of his shocking arrest for ‘misgendering’ someone in the Critic. Here’s an excerpt.

"I preach on all types of sin. However, most people ask questions and want to talk about issues surrounding same sex relationships and gender issues. Some of these questions come from a genuine desire to understand what God feels about these topics. However, I find some questions are disingenuous and largely designed to cause trouble and close down the preaching.

"This was the case with the recent arrest I experienced in Leeds City centre. I was preaching to a small group of people and was approached by a man dressed and acting like a woman. He asked me if God accepted the LGBTQ+ community — to which I had responded that God hates sin."

Freedom of Preach – How a Street Preacher Was Arrested for ‘Misgendering’


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