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It's No Wonder

It's No Wonder

If you live long enough, you will experience some extreme weather and/or perhaps a natural disaster.  If you look at history, you will find that that has been true for thousands of years.  It is nothing new at all.

But with our modern technology, images from all over the world of these events now come right into your home and/or pocket.  So called 'scientists' and many other high profile people are using that to promulgate their 'Global Warming', oops, it is now 'Climate Change' theories.  Yes, we must always remember that even though many high profile people state it as fact, the 'scientists' will still not be able to prove it beyond a doubt.  I mean, it is obvious that the jury is still out on this issue even though we are bombarded with these images.

Let me put it to y'all in a blunt way.  When 'science' can build a fully functioning Earth, then I will believe they know how it actually works.  Otherwise what 'they' are doing now just amounts to brainwashing.

" An overwhelming majority of people in the United States say they have recently experienced an extreme weather event, a new poll shows, and most of them attribute that to climate change. "

Extreme weather is nearly universal experience: AP-NORC poll

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