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President Biden Got Paid

President Biden Got Paid

I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for President Biden to be impeached, but the evidence of his lies about his corruption sure are piling up.  I understand the House is investigating a possible impeachment, we'll see.

For today's information, more and more evidence that President Biden did in fact really actually receive money from his son, Hunter's 'dealings' with the Chinese.

"WASHINGTON — President Biden received a recurring payment of $1,380 from his son Hunter’s law firm beginning in late 2018 shortly after a bank money laundering officer warned that the same account was receiving millions of dollars in Chinese government-linked funds without “any services rendered.”

"A bank order shows that Owasco PC set up a “monthly” transfer to then-former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., with a voided check for the future president included in the documentation, which was released Monday by the House Oversight Committee."

Biden got recurring $1,380 payment from Hunter’s firm starting in 2018

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