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Q-Anon Shaman Released

Q-Anon Shaman Released

And in more late news.  Jacob Chansley who the Democratic Media machine dubbed as "QAnon Shaman", basically making him the mascot of the so called "Insurrection" has been released early.

" Washington — Jacob Chansley, the Capitol rioter known as the "QAnon Shaman" and arguably the most recognizable Jan. 6 defendant, has been transferred from a federal prison complex to a halfway house in Arizona, several months before he was initially set to be released."

"QAnon Shaman" Jacob Chansley released early from federal prison, transferred to halfway house

The above being from CBS.  However, I believe the below more accurately states Mr. Chansley's overall outlook, before January 6, 2021, and after his release:

“After serving eleven months in solitary prior to his sentence being imposed, and only 16 months of his sentence thereafter, it is appropriate this gentle and intelligent young man be permitted to move forward with the next stage of what undoubtedly will be a law abiding and enriching life,” Watkins said.“I applaud the decision of the US Bureau of Prison in this regard.”

BREAKING: Jacob Chansley RELEASED from prison after being sentenced to 41 months on Jan 6 charges

A guy with a painted face, a horn hat, and an American flag is more menacing than someone dressed in black from head to toe, including a hoodie and face covering?

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