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Election Denier or The Big Lie

Election Denier or The Big Lie

 Let us take a moment to reflect on the big picture; or, as they say, hindsight is twenty-twenty.  Let us set the stage.  The year is two thousand and twenty-two.  A new 'deadly plague' has arrived on our shores from China.

The mainstream Democratic and Media machine goes into overdrive to blame every single thing they can on the current President, Donald Trump.  He bans folks from china first and is called a racist, of course.  The news is 24/7 about the plague, a disease by the way now three years in has a mortality rate of just over one third of one percent.  Hardly deadly, but they kept playing it up. Twenty-four seven news coverage with new 'record' numbers every day. So, of course, Democratic governors and mayors around the nation put the pressure on the President to do something.  He sent hospital ships to NYC that went unused.  But still the panic ensued and the fish in the school just swam exactly wherever they were told.  Social distancing, stay at home, essential jobs, masks in public, no public gatherings at all, especially churches.  Grace to You ministries in Los Angeles, John MacArthur, pastor gets in huge trouble with the county for holding church services.

Church services.  Let that sink in.

Then magically, white cops start going on a murdering spree against innocent unarmed black men causing a wave of 'peaceful protests' all over the country where the rules about social distancing and the bans on public gatherings, and even strict mask mandates are tossed out the window.  Democratic politicians defend them, though they are burning homes, businesses, cop cars, court houses, etc. as "mostly peaceful" protests.  Yet any political rally by President Trump is squashed or highly criticized.  Candidate Joe Biden hardly campaigns  at all.  Rioters even threaten Republican voters and politicians in restaurants, on the streets, and other public places.  Democratic politicians praise this as well.  This goes on all summer long.  As the November election looms, businesses in every major city in the country start boarding up their windows in case of riots, heavily threatened by BLM and Antifa if it resulted in a Trump win.  Because of the Controlyavirus, many states make last minute administrative changes to their voting laws, the key word being administrative; meaning without anyone taking a vote on it, legislature, or voters.

By Election day, the tension was high.

And then something funny happened.  News stations started calling the election for Biden with not that many votes counted.  Then videos and reports cam in from over the country about observers being told to leave before vote counting was completed, windows being blocked so observers could not observe, voters in Arizona were handed sharpies at the polls when it explicitly says on at least the mail in ballots NOT to use a sharpie pen, etc.  But when it all went to court, over and over again, nobody wanted to look deeper at all.  'Not enough fraud, yes FRAUD, to probably change the vote.  Wonder why?  See below.

I think the best way to sum up all the events that culminated in the 2020 selection is it is fact that the Democrats are the election deniers, they just went to severe methods to correct it.  You could call it an Insurrection, because ladies and gentlemen, that is what they did during the whole four years of Trump's Presidency.  Yet if we question any further election at all, we are "Election Deniers" perpetuating the "Big Lie".

First there's a short video of the windows being blocked then the Time Magazine article that none of us should take lightly.

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