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Right Wing web sites Hacked

Right Wing web sites Hacked

Recently, I ran across a discussion about a web hosting company called Epik getting hacked.  Seems that the hackers were able to obtain the lists of admins and users of various right leaning 'extremist' groups.

This company hosted many websites that other hosting providers decided to shut down.  A couple of the sites were 8chan and Gab.  Of course, the article is on Yahoo News so the language is a lot more, er, dramatic.  At first I though, 'Meh so what?  American Patriots Three Percent already got doxxed and written up in the Guardian this year, why should I care?'  I say that as a member of American Patriots Three Percent (APIII%). But, with that in mind, I figured I would go ahead and find out if we had more info leaked.

Shortly after 'mostly peaceful protest' in Washington, D.C., APIII% got doxxed, then the Guardian wrote an article with some of our names in it; APIII lost quite a few members  I believe I remember the 'doxxers' name as Emma Best.

Emma Best hacked into our pretty much brand new site where we had decided to compile a simple list of contact information for each other in the wake of the 2020 Facistbook 'purge'.  Emma Best who published that list on Twitter with some very derogatory remarks, including some about the security of our site.  It seems as though he (Emma Best is biologically a male) has a history of hacking and releasing information, much to the chagrin of moast.  Emma Best whose Twitter account was taken down once fpr us, for about ten minutes; that's how it goes these days.  Emma Best whose name appears at the beginning of the first sentence of the second to last paragraph in the following article, which contains more information:

Huge hack reveals embarrassing details of who's behind Proud Boys and other far-right websites

Here is the Guardian article for my posterity.  Why not?  I am part of the group that made the Guardian!

US militia group draws members from military and police, website leak shows

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