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The Control in Controlyavirus

The Control in Controlyavirus

This is not really news to any of us.  I actually thought I had already written an article about this some time ago.  This info comes from the United Kingdom, however it applies to the whole world.

When I first started hearing about the controlyavirus I was concerned, in a way we all were.  But one thing.  I had already caught it on January 5, 2020 before it really started being a thing in the news.  I didn't die.  Then it was all there was in the news, 24/7.  They kept using the numbers in a sensationalistic manner.  Yet when I looked at the same numbers, I thought, what?  There was one week in March 2020 where the infection and death rates doubled in one week, but then the rate of growth tapered off.  Yet, 24/7 all we heard was controlyavirus.  Fauci couldn't make up his mind.  Schools closed.  Chruches closed.  Gatherings of all other kinds restricted.  Certain businesses closed.  Mask mandates.  All for a disease that as of the date of this writing (well over a year into it) has a global mortality rate of .061%.  Here in the states, .21%.  I heard some body call it 'last year's deadly plague'.  Hmm, about 13% tested positive and out of those, 1.61% died of it.  That is not a deadly plague.  Why?  Who knows, but I guarantee you it has something to do with control, nothing else.

The sad thing is how many people fell for it.  The sad thing is how much psychological damage was done.  I can speculate that many folks' symptoms were perceived to be much much worse, many folks got scared and went straight to the hospital, and lets not even talk about the children.  So below is the information this article of mine is based upon.

This first the first article I came across about this but now it is behind a paywall, just linked it for veracity:

Use of fear to control behavior in Covid crisis was ‘totalitarian’, admit scientists

UK scientists admit to using ‘ethically questionable’ fear tactics in COVID response

This info was coming out even last year:

How SAGE and the UK media created fear in the British public June 2020

Behavioral Modification – UK Covid Response Steered by Psychologists at the Behavioral Insights Team Sept 2020

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