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Is Oregon Closing Small Farms?

Is Oregon Closing Small Farms?

Remember Ammon Bundy and the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge?  It stemmed from the pissing contest between the supervisor of the Malhuer and the Hammonds.  The Supervisor had been wanting to expand the refuge.

The Hammonds fought back, so the U.S. Fish and Wildlife decided to go after them and finally did when they set a back fire to prevent some of their winter wheat from burning during a wildfire.  The backfire accidentally burned about an acre of the Refuge (Federal) land.  So they prosecuted the Hammonds to the fullest, using a domestic terrorist law that was passed after the Murray Building Bombing in Oklahoma City of April 19, 1995.

The judge saw that that particular law had mandatory minimum sentences and knew the crime did not fit the punishment so gave them lighter sentences which they served.  Not good enough for the .gov.  Hauled them back into court to make them finish the minimum sentence, and that's when Ammon Bundy got involved.  And the people in Portland who only see the country from their Pele-tons decried the whole thing saying the .gov was in the right, called the Hammonds and all those performing the adverse possession at Malhuer domestic terrorists etc.

And now those folks in Portland have decided that again the .gov needs to be in total control.

"Oregon, often praised for its lush landscapes and agricultural heritage, is now embroiled in controversy as small family farms face unprecedented challenges. Under the guise of environmental protection and water conservation, state authorities are wielding regulatory measures to shutter these farms en masse. This assault on Oregon’s small farms not only threatens the livelihoods of farmers but also raises fundamental questions about food sovereignty and individual freedoms."

Oregon Starts SHUTTING DOWN Small Farms “To Protect The People”


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