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TDS Prosecutor Salivating

TDS Prosecutor Salivating

 TDS stands for Trump Derangement Syndrome.  It has been floating around the other social media sites for a long long time.  By 'other' I mean the discussion forums that predate the Facebook and Twitter mosh pits.

Because in discussion forums, memes are not the rule they're the exception.  Usually it is regular facts or at least backed up with some sort of corroborating links some times.  But TDS is real, you see it in how unhinged folks get over former President Trump's every action, kind of like how they hogtied him during the controlyavirus.

Here, I just love how the former prosecutor gets to be judge and jury and convict Trump in the news.

"Former President Donald Trump is still on course to be "tried" and "convicted" in his federal classified documents case before the 2024 election, according to legal analyst and former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner on Friday.

""The evidence is strong," Kirschner said. "So, at least, Donald Trump, it looks like he'll be tried, will be convicted, will be sentenced, given the strength and the quality of the evidence. That case will be resolved well in advance of the 2024 presidential election and then the American voters will at least have some sense of who they're casting their ballot for. Likely, a convicted felon.""

Donald Trump Will Be Convicted Before Election Despite Trial Delays: Lawyer

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