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Arizona Governor Hobbs Vetoes Border Bill

Arizona Governor Hobbs Vetoes Border Bill

Arizona has had to languish under it's Biden (S)elected governor, cartel Katie Hobbs.  With her obvious cartel support, she helps them get in, especially where she can get the 'asylum' centers overfilled like Lukeville.

"PHOENIX — Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed legislation Monday that would have allowed the state's law enforcement agencies to arrest non-U.S. citizens who enter Arizona from anywhere but a lawful point of entry at the border.

"Senate Bill 1231 would have created border-related crimes under Arizona law that could be enforced by local police officers—a task traditionally left to federal officials to enforce.

"The legislation, known as the "Arizona Border Invasion Act," would have classified "illegal entry" as a Class 1 misdemeanor and then as a Class 6 felony for a person previously convicted of the same offense."

'This bill does not secure our border': Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoes border-related legislation

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