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The Facebook Outage of 2021 - O.M.G.

The Facebook Outage of 2021 - O.M.G.

October 4, 2021, a date that will live in . . . . nowhere.  Odd that it comes a day after a whistleblower appeared on sixty minutes and the day before the same testifies before congress.

In case you didn't know it, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp were down for about six hours on Monday Octobr 4, 2021.  Personally, I do not visit Facebook but once every three days or so.  I got real tired of their 'fact checking'.  However, it appears that is a subject the whistleblower is going to testify about.  Seems she doesn't think Facebook is being aggresive enough in their quest to quell "hate speech, violence, and misinformation".  And today, she is before congress to testify to this fact.  How much or little according to her, Facebook is censoring their platform.  But who fact checks the fact checkers?

But something I really didn't think about was the withdrawls for most people.  Yes, that was the top of the news story this morning.  How did you cope?  I mean, O.M.G.  No Facebook?  No Instagram?  Yes, the news casters discussed how hard it was to deal without Facebook.  They even had a small business owner on there talkng about how all her business info is on Facebook and was not able to access it for those six or so hours.  Funny how the whistleblower is also going to testify how addicted young girls are to the platforms.

If you ask me, the perfect solution was brought to bear yesterday for about three hours.


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