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The FBI at it Again

The FBI at it Again

Did you hear about the 'terrorist attack' in Wiembilla, Australia on December 12, 2022?  Neither did I.  Recently an Arizona man was ambushed by the FBI at a Dairy Queen in Heber, AZ for Facebook posts about it.

"HEBER-OVERGAARD, AZ- In full tactical gear and long rifles drawn, The FBI arrested a man from the sleepy town of Heber-Overgaard in connection with last year's terrorist attack on a remote Queensland property in Wieambilla, Australia."

But wait.  This guy wasn't even there.  He didn't do it and wasn't even in the same time zone, let alone hemisphere.  Here's what happened a year ago in Australia, since y'all probably never heard of it:

"On December 12, 2022, four officers arrived at a property in Queensland, Australia, to investigate reports of a missing person. "They walked into a hail of gunfire," Queensland police said. Two officers managed to escape and call for help. Two police officers and a bystander were fatally shot by Gareth Train, his brother Nathaniel Train, and Nathaniel's wife, Stacey Train, in an ambush at the Trains' property, according to investigators."

Sounds bad, right?  Go ahead and read the whole article and you'll find it is based on Facebook postings.  Then they trot out the usual stuff, how many firearms, how much ammo, the 'off-grid' location, er, I mean "Compound".  They arrested him at the damn Dairy Queen because they were scared of him.

Local man was arrested by the FBI at the Heber Dairy Queen in connection to Wieambilla police massacre.

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