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The Fire Alarm Incident

The Fire Alarm Incident

Making the rounds recently have been some meme's about fire alarms.  So, I looked into it.  My takeaway?  They should have just pulled every fire alarm they could find on January 6, 2021.

I mean, it seems as though this guy wanted to disrupt the political process and pulled a fire alarm.  But since he is a United States Representative, he gets a pass?  Is it because his district is in New York?  Is it because he has dark skin? Maybe. Or is it because he is a Democrat?

I only ask because last time somebody disrupted Congress, they're all in jail, without bail, awaiting sentences.

Bang!  Convince me I'm wrong.

"Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulled a fire alarm to disrupt a House vote over funding the government

Don’t believe his BS excuse about thinking it would open a door. 

The man’s a former middle-school principal, and there’s no way on earth he could have gotten confused about what the fire alarm would do. 

This is an assault on democracy, a grave crime against the Republic."

Jamaal Bowman’s fire alarm stunt was criminal and unethical. Journos want it to go away

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