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The Real Nazi Resurgence

The Real Nazi Resurgence

Germany doesn't like the Jews.  Still?  They really screwed the pooch in 1972 in Munich.  And of course, Hitler.  But did you know the ties between Hitler and the Palestinian movement?  Oh yeah, read on.

If you were to look a bit deeper into the Israel-Palestinian conflict, you would find that the Palestinians have been using the tactics that the Democrats have really ramped up since Obama for over a hundred years now.  The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem met with Hitler on one hand to help both facilitate solving their respective "Jewish problems", while he had his family sell off land with Arab tenant farmers on it in the Mandate for Palestine to the Jewish League.  Look it up.  I guess the Mufti wanted to sell the property twice.

You see, the left gets these youngsters on campus riled up with the Palestinian pack of lies telling them the Jews stole the land from the poor Palestinians. Nope, up until the 1948 war, the Jewish League had been buying it up and it was mostly those lands that were in the U.N. Resolution 181.  Which ended up being the first time of dozens the Arabs rejected a two state solution.

"For years, the left has claimed that “right-wingers,” patriots and “populists” had nationalist Nazi tendencies. Nazism, however, is better reflected today in the far Left. Hitler’s National Socialist Workers Party was Leftist; Hitler didn’t hesitate to ally with Stalin as long as it served his purposes.

"National Socialism’s hatred of Jews is alive and well today. Just as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during World War II, Haj Amin al-Husseini, allied with Hitler, so today, German Neo-Nazis have strengthened their alliance with the Palestinian “resistance” movement and Hamas since October 7.  The report below describes propaganda that is reminiscent of the work of Josef Goebbels, minister of propaganda for the Third Reich."

Germany: Neo-Nazism spikes after Oct. 7, with support for Hamas, Palestinian nationalism and antisemitism

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