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Israel Does Not Commit Genocide

Israel Does Not Commit Genocide

Folks have seen a lot of 'protests' over Israel on U.S. college campuses. It is nothing new, just another test to see how well indoctrination works.  Some folk claim Israel is committing genocide on the Palestinians.

Ask the UNRWA about that.  There were about 700,000 Arab 'refugees' created during the 1947-8 civil war/war for independence in the newly created nation of Israel as Britain turned it over after they ended their Mandate for Palestine.

Now a days, there's 5.6 million 'Palestinian refugees' listed with the UNRWA as of 2019.  You see, the UNRWA was created to help the Arabs use the Palestinians as a political propaganda tool in the international media against Israel.  The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem learned this from Hitler.  And you don't even have to live in a refugee camp, nor have to be poor, or anything to be considered a 'refugee' by the UNRWA which does afford you certain privileges of course, which may even include cash money.  From donations to the UNRWA.

So how can Israel be committing genocide against a refugee population that has grown that much in the last 75~ish years?  Here's an Israeli Supreme Court decision for y'all to chew on:

"Israel’s Supreme Court has temporarily halted a government plan to send a group of Palestinian patients being treated in East Jerusalem and Tel Aviv hospitals back to Gaza.

"The decision follows a petition by the Israeli non-profit organization Physicians for Human Rights Israel, which decided to take action following a CNN report on the Palestinian hospital patients."

Israeli Supreme Court temporarily halts plan to return Palestinian hospital patients to Gaza after doctors appeal

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