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Updates From the Southwest: From the Left

Updates From the Southwest: From the Left

 This is a website from a guy who follows the 'militia' movement.  You can tell from whom and how he reports on there which way he leans, pretty much to the left.  I ran across this site once before about this group.

This particular article is about the third one down on the page linked.  It also talks about folks who may do the wrong things, not the ones who do the right things.  I wonder if maybe he could use some good news from the Patriot community and see if he publishes that?  Umm, any takers?

From Militia dot Watch :

"The Yavapai County Preparedness Team (YCPT), an autonomous Oath Keepers chapter and the largest remaining of the movement, continued their biweekly meeting schedule in their new Prescott location. At a March 11 event, they held a brief training/Q&A on “perimeter defense” and announced a late-April “Creation Science” tour of the Grand Canyon.

This month, Veterans on Patrol, a border militia that is not led by a veteran and rarely follows regular patrol patterns, escalated their activity against nonprofits that provide humanitarian aid (food and water) to those crossing the US-Mexico border. Paul “DarkSkyWatcher74” Flores, a media fixture of right-wing border activism, said he was watching these humanitarian groups on hidden trail cameras closely and claimed to know all of the groups’ “drops”. The VOP, specifically Shawna “Butterfly” Martin, also once more documented their coordination with Border Patrol, filming themselves waiting in the desert with children and teens they had detained and given Bibles to.

On March 9, Rolling Stone published an article about Arizona Boogaloo adherent Eric “Enrico Wood” Scionti of Tempe, Arizona. According to the feds, Scionti has been on the run since they raided his home on January 18. Scionti has a slew of felonies to his name, including firearms and narcotics charges, but was also stockpiling weapons and believed that tensions between Trump and Biden would spark further national unrest. Scionti was also a low-level PornHub content creator, and tweets under an anime Nazi avatar with verification by Twitter Blue."

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