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Is it Transgender or Children's Rights?

Is it Transgender or Children's Rights?

The 'T' in LGBTQ, an acronym that keeps growing, stands for transgender.  Also known as drag queens, cross dressers, etc., there has been increasing push-back against imposing this life choice on to children too young.

What they keep complaining about these days is their 'rights' being infringed upon, but as you read what is really going on, in other words, past the headline idiot, the push-back is against recruiting our young children into this way of life that is clearly a huge life choice.  Yes, choice.  You can't drink beer until you're twenty-one, but want to change from a boy to a girl at age ten?  Sure, walk this way.  Sick.

" As transgender people have increasingly gained acceptance and visibility, conservative lawmakers have zeroed in on restricting their rights: keeping transgender children off girls’ sports teams and out of certain bathrooms, and blocking them from receiving gender-affirming medical care. "

Conflict over transgender rights simmers across the US

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