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Virgin Birth in a Lab

Virgin Birth in a Lab

What will they do next?  I mean, if they can call this 'modification' "virgin birth" then what?  Christians are already the 'bad guys' for all the world's ills now.  Many says the Bible is a book of fairy tales.

In fact, I did a search for images for this article using 'virgin birth' as a search term and Jesus wasn't really in any of the first results at all.  Now just think about the benefits to humankind going forward.

  • "Scientists have successfully genetically engineered female fruit flies to reproduce without a male, marking the first instance of "virgin birth" in an animal. The offspring of these flies were also able to reproduce without mating.
  • The researchers identified 44 genes potentially involved in parthenogenesis (virgin birth) by comparing gene activity in sexually reproducing flies with that in parthenogenetic flies. By altering combinations of these genes in fruit flies, they induced parthenogenesis in roughly 11% of female flies."

‘Virgin birth’ genetically engineered into female animals for the first time

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