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From Gasden to Tombstone

History that deserves to be remembered.

Ant'ny Fauci - Twenty Years Ago

Tossing another random video up here.  A little gem out of Mister Fauci's mouth almost twenty years ago.  Something about controlling people.  How it's not a good idea or something to that effect.

Good Guys with Guns

Good Guys with Guns

The other day while trolling the internet, I ran across a thread talking saying five times more crimes are stopped by folks with guns over police.  I think the National Rifleman used to have a section for it.

New York's New Governor on the Vaccine

New York's New Governor on the Vaccine

You are not going to believe this one.  I certainly don't.  I mean, how damn low can they go with the lies and hypocricy over a disease that if fatal to less than one quarter of one percent?

Parent in Illinois telling the School Board

Just a quick drop here.  Sharing a video of a parent at her local school board meeting just what she thinks about their mask and vaccine mandates.  She doesn't go crazy much, just some pretty cool facts.

Controlyavirus - The Spartacus Letter

Controlyavirus - The Spartacus Letter

This letter was shared with me by a fellow Patriot.  This is a long read.  READ IT.  Share this information wherever you can.  Please.

Liberals more brainwashed than others

Seems as though Bill Maher actually gets honest about liberals.  Inadvertently, he points out more media hypocrisy and how the media has used its influence to help the politicians gain more power.

AZ Comms

This is an article about the stuff, the other stuff, places where some stuff happens, or other stuff happens.  Sometimes it is the thing that does the stuff.  Who knows?  Who cares?

The Chaos of Distraction

Just thought I would drop this in for kicks.  another good video by the folks at Blue Collar Logic/The Simple Truth.  Give it a watch, he's right, there is almost too much going on.