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About Barry Goldwater

About Barry Goldwater

So many folks think that John McCain was such a great Republican Senator.  I know he did some good stuff, but some of his voting record really makes me ask, what?  So let's talk about the other great Arizona Senator.

In 1964 our family went out camping in Oak Creek Canyon and attended a pow-wow in Flagstaff where Barry Goldwater was campaigning for President.  In the picture is Barry Goldwater on the left, my dad in the center, and a horse on the right.  When I was young, I thought my dad and Goldwater were best friends.  Pictures .

Here's some more information about the man:

"Phoenix would benefit from some heroic statues to enrich the downtown streetscape. It's not as if we're lacking in heroes and audacious history. Instead, we get a bronze of Barry Goldwater in Paradise Valley, unreachable by pedestrians but with an adjacent parking lot. Then there's terminal four at Sky Harbor named after Goldwater. And a street in Scottsdale. A newcomer might think the only history worth remembering, if badly painted, concerns the long-serving senator and 1964 presidential candidate."

June 04, 2013 Barry Goldwater

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