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GOP Releases Hunter Biden Bank Records

GOP Releases Hunter Biden Bank Records

Does anyone make the connection yet?  President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are using Federal and State Justice Departments to go after former President Trump to distract from the Biden family corruption.

I mean, impeach a President for supposed bribery to which all the 'witnesses' testified to what they thought President Trump 'meant to say' not what he really said and that was considered smoking gun evidence.  I am fucking sick of it.

  • House Oversight Republicans plan to accuse President Biden of corruption even without direct evidence of financial benefit from Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings.
  • The Republicans argue that the law recognizes payments to family members as potential bribes to corruptly influence others, even if there is no direct evidence connecting Joe Biden to his son's business dealings.
  • The Republicans' memo focuses on a $3.5 million payment from a Russian oligarch to a company tied to Hunter Biden, suggesting a connection to a dinner attended by Hunter and Joe Biden. However, there is no evidence to substantiate these claims.

House GOP release bank records on Hunter Biden payments from Russian, Kazakh oligarchs, total clears $20M

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