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Another Win For Liberty

Another Win For Liberty

 For some of you, this will be a hot button topic.  Oh well.  People used to drink diluted alcohol all day long when this country was formed.  The second amendment doesn't mention any infringements that we have today.

 I'm just going to say briefly that alcohol prohibition didn't work, why did we then create more 'gangsters' by prohibition on other things?

With so many states now legalizing the use of marijuana, everyone always points out that one question on that pesky Form 4473.  Personally, I will not ask the .gov for permission to have a firearm.  But this decision looks like it may help those who may use marijuana to dull the reality of our crumbling world, lol.  On both sides of the isle.

"A federal appeals court on Wednesday struck down a decades-old law barring users of illegal drugs from possessing firearms – the latest blow to US gun regulations after the Supreme Court cleared the way last year for courts to reexamine the nation’s gun laws under a new legal standard." data-editable="text" data-component-name="paragraph">In a unanimous judgement from a three-judge panel at the New Orleans-based appeals court, the court said the 1968 law is unconstitutional, citing a landmark 2022 Supreme Court decision that changes the framework that lower courts must use when analyzing gun restrictions." data-editable="text" data-component-name="paragraph">“In short, our history and tradition may support some limits on an intoxicated person’s right to carry a weapon, but it does not justify disarming a sober citizen based exclusively on his past drug usage,” Circuit Judge Jerry Smith, a Ronald Reagan appointee, wrote for the panel. “Nor do more generalized traditions of disarming dangerous persons support this restriction on nonviolent drug users.”

Fifth Circuit Strikes Down Law Forbidding Gun Ownership by Drug Users

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