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Are you Prepared for Food Shortages?

As many folks saw early in 2020, sometimes shelves can empty of the stupidest things.

It was weird seeing whole aisles of shelves completely empty.  But as soon as I saw it, I got online and ordered a fair amount of my favorite brand of toilet paper before it was too late.  I'm going to talk about a few different things to stock up on, this one will be food.  If any body has seen Doomsday Preppers you saw lots of stores of beans and rice.  I don't know about you, but i can't stand beans and rice as much as that.  To each their own, but since I've gotten that out of the way, let me continue.  Stock up on items that you will eat.  Remember when you were young and couldn't afford to eat like you do now?  Or hell, maybe you're still young.  Remember your favorite canned foods.  Buy some of them.  Then the next week buy some more.  Canned food will last much longer than the date on the bottom of the can.  There are reports of canned foods from the Civil War that were opened and not spoiled.  They were edible, but the taste was reported as not so good.  So, since some think or thought we are heading for another Civil War, get you some canned foods.  In later articles, I'll have maybe some recipes and/or what canned foods I have and like.

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