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Arizona Governor Hobbs Breaks the Law Again

Arizona Governor Hobbs Breaks the Law Again

Our thirteen year old going on fifty (s)elected Governor has again revealed her immaturity.  Since the Arizona Senate did not bow to her childish demands of agency directors, she bypassed them.  And the media is silent.

"The lawsuit alleges Hobbs unlawfully withdrew her picks for 13 agency directors from the Senate's new Committee on Director Nominations "in a fit of political pique." It attacks Hobbs' attempted workaround that re-designated nominated agency heads as "executive deputy directors" who aren't subject to Senate confirmation."

What is missing is the way she did it.  She appointed them.  The article with that info is behind a paywall.  But she appointed someone as 'interim director', then said interim director would create and appoint someone to an "executive deputy director" position to bypass the senate.  Without an actual director, the deputy would have all the same power.  She appointed the same person as interim head to all thirteen agencies, so said person just hopscotched through each agency one at a time.  Nope.  Nothing to see there folks.  Did the media put this out?

Below the article link is a copy of the actual petition as filed, and the Arizona Revised Statue that our baby governor has clearly broken.

Arizona Senate president sues Gov. Katie Hobbs over bypassing agency director confirmations

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