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President Trump and Colorado

President Trump and Colorado

It is a travesty of justice that Colorado's highest court with a decision that, in a way itself could be considered an act of, has disqualified President Trump from being on the primary ballot for; insurrection.

Now let's be honest.  Now we know the entire reason that the media has been drilling it into every one's head that the mostly peaceful protest in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021 was somehow an "insurrection".

A state court in Colorado has decided to determine a part of the Untied States Constitution.  For one.  In my opinion that's pretty much an automatic kick to the SCOTUS I would think.  I'll just stop there because of how radical a decision it is for a state .gov to have made on the federal Constitution.  Here's this guy's opinion:

"Turley, a constitutional law attorney at Georgetown University, said the justices should not have a dissenting opinion on this case because four justices on the Colorado Supreme Court have attempted to add a “destabilizing element” into the U.S. constitutional system.

“It’s not a get-out-of-free card because there’s laws regarding insurrection and incitement. And notably, Trump was not charged with that,” Turley said. “You had a very motivated special counsel, Jack Smith, who hit Trump with anything he could, but he conspicuously left out insurrection, sedition, because he couldn’t prove it, because the evidence is not there. So that only adds to the problems here, but the real issue for the Supreme Court is far more fundamental and frankly chilling.

Turley Gives Single Reason All 9 SCOTUS Justices Should Cut Down Trump Ballot Ruling Without Any Dissenters

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