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Biden To Use 2018 Trump policy

Biden To Use 2018 Trump policy

 The voter invasion has been going on now for three years or so and finally the President is going to do something about it, sort of.  He's going to use former President Trump's policy from 2018.

A bunch of political posturing if you ask me.  He's trying to prop up his failing poll numbers, why I don't know since he says he's not worried at all about them.  after all, the gig is up, we haven't had an election since 2018 and Biden knows it.

"President Joe Biden says he’s restricting asylum to help “gain control” of the U.S.-Mexico border. Biden signed the proclamation Tuesday as the White House tries to neutralize immigration as a political liability before November’s elections."

Biden rolls out asylum restrictions, months in the making, to help ‘gain control’ of the border

"The order, an interim final rule released by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Attorney General Merrick Garland, will kick in when the seven-day average of daily encounters at the southwest border and the southern coastal borders exceeds 2,500. 

"When it does, U.S. border officials will stop implementing credible fear interviews for asylum claims and work to quickly expel foreign nationals who’ve crossed the border between ports of entry. 

"Migrants who are expelled under the order will receive a minimum five-year bar on reentry to the United States and potentially be criminally prosecuted."

Biden announces order limiting asylum at the southern border: Here’s what it will do

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