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Bringing Back Hunter Safety to Schools

Bringing Back Hunter Safety to Schools

With all the crap in the news always pushing the anti-gun narrative, it is nice to see this.  Especially with the school shootings; and firearms accidents that happens to young kids that don't know better.

Which is their parents' fault but that's a different story.  In this case here, some sources say that President Biden had stopped funding for these at schools and that the House of Representatives slapped back by passing a law.  You know, actual laws?  Not Presidential (royal) Executive Orders (decrees).  Looks like in this one case, the law actually won?  Because color me wrong, but a law will thwart any EO, shouldn't it?

  • The U.S. House passed a resolution against President Joe Biden's attacks on school hunting and archery programs in a 424-1 vote.
  • The Biden administration was reportedly blocking funding for schools with hunting and archery programs based on the interpretation of certain laws.
  • The National Shooting Sports Foundation criticized the Department of Education for misinterpreting the law to withhold funding from schools that teach beneficial courses like hunter safety and archery.

U.S. House approves bill to restore hunting safety and archery to school curriculums

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