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California Stops Parental Notification of Gender

California Stops Parental Notification of Gender

California.  I used to live, actually was born there in 1960.  It was getting bad when I left in 1997, but now.  It is sadly laughable.  There is an 'exodus', but it is going both ways.  Folk who escape from, and folk who flock to.

  • A judge in California has halted a school district's policy that required parents to be notified if their children changed their gender identification or pronouns at school. California Attorney General Rob Bonta sued the Chino Valley Unified School District over the policy, arguing that it violated transgender students' privacy rights and well-being.
  • The temporary restraining order halts the district's policy while the lawsuit continues. The judge raised questions about the policy's purpose and its impact on students.
  • The policy was approved in July with a 4-1 vote, but opponents argue that it puts children at risk while supporters claim it protects parental rights. The issue will be discussed further at a hearing on Oct. 13.

California judge halts district policy requiring parents be told if kids change pronouns

Another quote from the article linked above:

"School board president Sonja Shaw said striking down the one policy didn’t seem consistent. “Everything else we have to inform the parents about,” she said."

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