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California's Minimum Wage Fail

California's Minimum Wage Fail

Good old California, where the politicians are so out of touch with reality, it shows.  I think it really went to their head when California was able to force the auto industry into putting catalytic converters on all cars in the 70's.

Recently, I posted an article where they actually thought about raising the mininum wage a lot more than this to fifty dollars an hour!  But what do they really care?  they'll just bring in more illegals to do their menial work while the elites in California look down from their ivory towers; where they still get to fly, eat real food, and not have to mingle with the unwashed uneducated masses.

It's almost as if they're saying, let them eat cake.

"As expected, the repercussions of the minimum wage increase in California unfolded predictably, leading to a wave of mass layoffs in the fast-food industry. 

"For instance, Foster’s Freeze employees saw their wages go from $16 an hour to nothing, illustrating the unintended consequences of the wage hike touted as a victory for workers.

 "Major Pizza Hut franchisees let go of over 1,200 delivery drivers, while smaller businesses like Vitality Bowls reduced their staff by half in San Jose."

California Triggers Mass Layoffs By Raising Minimum Wage To $20 An Hour

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