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Can You Blame Them

Can You Blame Them

 Some may find this information 'shocking' and/or 'terrible', but seriously folks.  Look at the last few years starting with 2020.  We had the 24/7 news blaring at us talking about some deadly plague every moment of the day.

Every one is told to stay away from each other, social distance, and wear masks at all times.  Unless you were a member of Antifa or BLM or otherwise involved in some fully supported supposedly peaceful protest.  Or if you were a government official like a U.S. Representative, especially the Speaker of the House, or a state Governor or three, you know, the elite.  Last minute changes were made without legislative approval to voting laws all over the nation just before the Presidential General Election.  All kinds of strange things happened during that, as shown on the several YouTube videos.  Election observers being sent home then more votes counted afterwards, windows being blocked so no one could observe, strange irregularities in vote tallies, on and on.  Yet, when one makes a court challenge to something like that, the first thing considered by the Judge is whether some one was harmed.  Case after case after case, almost sixty in all, weren't even heard and dismissed just like that.  "Not enough fraud to change the outcome" was the excuse given over and over again.

Then there was a mostly peaceful protest at the U.S. Capitol the day the Senate was to ratify the Selection.  Security was alarmingly lite, and many D.C. Police just let folks into the building.  Many did not and there were a few broken windows.

Then somebody got murdered, Ashli Babbitt so they had to call it an "Insurrection" to protect a black officer who shot an unarmed white female.  That what was behind all the protests during 2020, unarmed black fok being hunted down and murdered by white police officers.

Then President Joe Biden gets sworn in and the country has been in a downward spiral ever since.  So why not enjoy my wine and weed while I can?.

  • A new report from the University of Michigan's Monitoring the Future panel study reveals that middle-aged adults in the US are engaging in higher rates of binge drinking, marijuana use, and hallucinogen consumption than ever before.
  • Cannabis use among young adults under 30 has surged, with around 44% reporting marijuana use, up from 28% a decade ago. Marijuana use has also increased among adults ages 35 to 50, with 28% reporting use in 2022, up from 17% five years ago.

Marijuana and hallucinogen use, binge drinking hit historic highs

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