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States Are Still Split on Reactions to Mass Shootings

States Are Still Split on Reactions to Mass Shootings

I suppose this really isn't news that some states do not chose to add more 'restrictions', i.e. Infringements, to arms rights as a reaction to shootings and others do.  But, if you think about it, it is a good thing.

I mean, just take a look around.  It's all going to end and the arms debate will be over with out citizens having arms. Period.

  • Tennessee's Republican-led Legislature is meeting in a special session to address public safety proposals, but no new firearms restrictions are expected to be passed.
  • In Democratic-led states, more than half have enacted new laws this year that either tighten firearm restrictions or enhance school safety measures.
  • Republican-led states have taken a different approach, passing laws that strengthen gun rights, such as easing concealed carry rules and preventing restrictions on gun sales during emergencies.

Mass shootings spur divergent laws as states split between gun rights and control

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