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Colleges Under Fire for Anti-Semitism

Colleges Under Fire for Anti-Semitism

A wave of hearings, resignations, and firings are happening at some of the nations places of higher learning.  You'll see hear and elsewhere how some of the college/university professors try to not piss off Hamas.

I mean, why?  Aren't the Hamas and Palestinians the peace lovers?  They just sit back minding their own business while the Jews "storm the Al Aqsa" and get them riled up again.  And then, why does Israel attack them?  They only kidnapped and killed all those folks because "the Jews storm the Al Aqsa" mosque.

Spoiler alert.  The Arabs and Palestinians consider the whole Temple Mount as the Al Aqsa mosque, which in fact only dwells on a portion of the southern Temple Mount.  But if a Jew decides to visit the Temple Mount at all, the "Jews are storming the Al Aaqsa" again!

These college professors know this and know better, but they still think that it should be Palestine from the "river to the sea" which means, no Jews at all.  Nope.  That's not Anti-Semitism.  Not at all.

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