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How the 'Insurrection' Was Actually Planned

How the 'Insurrection' Was Actually Planned

January 6, 2021.  A date the media/machine decided would be infamous.  After the "Summer of Love" and the Controlyavirus of 2020, it was actually quite weak.  Plus the protest was blasted all over social media in advance.

So for the folks to testified that it was unexpected is a complete and absolute lie.

"All sides will acknowledge the fact that then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to have extra security on January 6.

"The only obvious answer to why Pelosi wanted to guarantee a riotous breach of the Capitol was what she knew would be the actual results of the Electoral College vote if the process were allowed to run its course. Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, among others, had previously made noise about challenging election results in several swing states. And despite what many have debated, there was tangible potential for Pence to delay the certification for a couple of weeks to look into the evidence of significant vote-tampering and fraud."

The "Why" Is Now Obvious

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