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EPA Plans May Get Thwarted

EPA Plans May Get Thwarted

Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency is not an Executive Agency or Cabinet department?  Nope.  President Nixon created it via an Executive Order.  I'm still trying to find executive orders in the Constitution.

 Don't get me wrong, I saw the Ohio and other rivers 'of fire' on the news as a little kid.  But it is odd that we never learn not to do a knee jerk reaction.  The 'department' has been 'legitimized' by congress since and the head of the EPA is selected just likje other cabinet department heads.  How they are able to operate is sometimes the problem.  Fortunately, every now and then some one gets to reign then in a bit when they get a little greedy.  Of course, the climate nazi's will never let this last long, the headlines are all in line, "... to help stop climate change struck down..."

  • The U.S. government's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles is met with skepticism as critics question its feasibility and whether it goes far enough.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) aims for 67% of new-vehicle sales to be electric by 2032, but the auto industry considers this goal unrealistic. Additionally, even if achieved, the reduction in pollution may be more modest than expected, with around 80% of vehicles still running on gasoline or diesel fuel.
  • Environmental groups argue that the EPA's proposal falls short and emissions need to be further reduced to combat climate change effectively.

The EPA's ambitious plan to cut auto emissions to slow climate change runs into skepticism

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