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This Didn't Take Long

This Didn't Take Long

Again, because it is Trump.  In fact, I might just rename all my articles of Trump's legal issues and continue that series I had, Because it is Trump.  I am here to tell ya.  The tree of liberty is wilting brothers and sisters.

One of the judges feels like she needs more security as she adjudicates one of Trump's cases.  Is there a real threat? Not that I can see even from these articles, but maybe they're playing the same old race card.  I would be remiss to think that it could have anything at all with her tell former President Trump that his First Amendment rights were not absolute, could it?  See further below for that tidbit.

  • Security has been increased for federal judge Tanya Chutkan, who is overseeing the criminal case against former President Donald Trump for his attempts to overturn the 2020 election.
  • The uptick in security follows the removal of previous security measures after Trump's arraignment, and it comes as Trump has requested for Chutkan to recuse herself from the case.
  • Federal prosecutors are seeking a protective order to restrict what Trump and his team can do with evidence, citing concerns about Trump's public statements potentially harming witnesses or affecting the fair administration of justice.

Security increases for judge assigned to Donald Trump’s January 6 criminal case

"(CNN) — US District Judge Tanya Chutkan said Friday that she plans to issue a protective order over the handling of evidence in the Donald Trump 2020 election interference case, saying it’s needed to protect witnesses or other interference in the trial.

"The former president has a right to free speech, but that right is “not absolute,” the judge said at a hearing Friday.

“Mr. Trump, like every American, has a First Amendment right to free speech, but that right is not absolute. In a criminal case such as this one, the defendant’s free speech is subject to the rules,” Chutkan said."

Judge Chutkan Says Trump’s Right to Free Speech In January 6 Case Is ‘Not Absolute’

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