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FBI Behind St Luke's vs Bundy

FBI Behind St Luke's vs Bundy

Ammon Bundy.  In a civil court case that boggles my mind, maybe something that makes sense comes out.  It would not surprise me as Ammon Bundy was acquitted twice of thumbing his nose at the FBI and BLM.

A quick background.  St Luke's hospital in Boise called CPS to force-ably remove a child from their parent because the parent didn't want to leave the child at the hospital.  The parent didn't trust the Doctors.  Last I heard, Hospitals are not prisons.  You are free to come and go.

So Ammon and his Peoples Rights network protested the hospital.  The hospital claimed civil losses in the millions and millions over it.  When Ammon refused to participate in their kangaroo court,they issued arrest warrants!  Arrest warrants in a civil case??  They of course got everything they wanted since it was a packed court.  Ammon has now lost all his property, business, bank accounts, etc.

Kind of surreal if you ask me.  How does a hospital lose $52.5 million because of a protest?  They don't.  Again, this re-enforces the facts that if you do not serve the Globalist agenda, you get zero tolerance.  If you doi serve the Globalist agenda, you get a free pass to commit even murder.  Just ask Jeffery Epstein.



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