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The Lie That is The Nakba

The Lie That is The Nakba

Most of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about.  The "Nakba" is one of the biggest Palestinian lies in the Palestinian-Israel 'conflict'.  It dates to the Arab attempt to annihilate the new country of Israel in 1948.

Why do I care about this conflict?  Because I see direct lines between the Nazis to the Arab world (now called Palestinians), to the current state of affairs in our country.  How?  The use of propaganda and how it has been deployed.  Look it up.

This "Nakba" declares that the Jews forced at gunpoint every last one of the 600-700 thousand Arabs (now identifying as Palestinians) who fled Israel during the War.  The War where the neighboring Arab nations turned down the UN two state solution the first time in 1947 and attacked the newly created nation of Israel in 1948.  But the latter sentence is not mentioned in 'Palestinian' schools, even those run by the UNRWA.

That is not how it all went down.  There was one Israeli atrocity committed at Deir Yassin, but the Arabs use that now as if it was the norm and not the isolated incident.  They say, "Many villages were wiped out like Deir Yassin." when it was only Deir Yassin where such a thing happened.  Yes, around seven hundred thousand Arabs left Israel at the break out of hostilities.  However, they weren't forced out at gunpoint.

The Arab League encouraged most of them to leave temporarily with promises of rapid annihilation of the newly formed nation of Israel.  Many just didn't want to be a part of the new Nation of Israel.  Some believed the propaganda that the Jews would massacre them.  In any event, back then the Arabs recognized that it was their own fault that so many Arabs lost their homes.

The worst part was what happened afterwards.  Jews in neighboring Arab countries were forcefully ejected and their property confiscated by said country to the tune of about 800+ thousand folks.  Israel gave them all homes.  What did the Arabs do with the Arabs who left?  Put them in refugee camps where after over seventy years, they remain.

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