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Great Britian Appalled by Biden's Weaponizing the DOJ

Great Britian Appalled by Biden's Weaponizing the DOJ

I have been saying that the Republic has fallen, welcome to Empire. I mean after the Presidential Selection of 2020, elections really don't mean anything anymore.  Look at the midterms.  The tree of liberty is dying folks.

It is wilting badly and the rest of the world is watching  I mean, just read some of the stuff out there, the justice we have in this country is being applied very one sided along political lines and for us here to ignore it as if all is well, which is what the Democrats are doing, is just sad, sad, sad.  But this is not even a new phenomenon at all.  The IRS during President Obama's reign just happened to go after the the Tea Party was just a coincidence.  Remember, the DOJ is even coming after you parents! And both sides have done it in the last decade during the collapse of our Republic.

This is what they're saying about the current use of it in Britain:

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