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How Many Biden Gaffs Do We Need?

How Many Biden Gaffs Do We Need?

 It is common knowledge that Joe Biden has been showing some signs of not the best mental acumen for quite some time now.  Remember when he lost his way to the White House?

It is getting to the point to where even left leaning news sites (not with this article) are starting to notice.  I speculated early on that they might 25th Amendment him right about at the two year period, so that is Kamala had any chance, she could still run twice; giving her effectively about ten years in office.  Now though, who knows?  Who's Kamala Harris anyways?

So here, the President claims he spoke to this guy, but this guy died before Biden was born.  Maybe, just maybe, he is actually thinking that since he's gotten away with so many other lies, why not keep piling them on?

Biden says he spoke to an inventor, before he was born

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