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Illegal Child Dies on Bus From Texas

Illegal Child Dies on Bus From Texas

In case you hadn't heard, Texas Governor Abbot has had an innovative solution to his states' illegal alien crisis on their border.  He has been busing them to sanctuary states/cities like New York and Chicago.

Sadly, a child who already had a fever died aboard the bus and I'll bet that the Democrats really go after Governor Abbot for it.

  • An autopsy revealed that a 3-year-old girl died from a bacterial infection and other factors while on a bus transporting immigrants from Texas to Chicago. The infection, along with dehydration and electrolyte problems, led to the swelling of her brain and her eventual death. Her low weight and length for her age also contributed to her death.
  • The child initially had mild symptoms, including a low-grade fever, before boarding the bus. However, her symptoms worsened during the trip, and she experienced vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, and difficulty breathing.
  • The bus was part of a program initiated by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to send migrants to Democratic-led cities across the country. The girl's family had traveled from Colombia, where she was born, to the United States in May.

Migrant child who died on Texas bus trip had fever before she boarded, coroner says

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