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Israel Will Keep Gaza Seperate

Israel Will Keep Gaza Seperate

Israel used to have Jews living in Gaza until 2005 when they forcibly moved all the Jews out of Gaza.  Soon after, Hamas forcibly took it over and has been firing rockets into Israel as a thank you for Gaza ever since.

You got to admit, that sure is a funny way to appreciate the peaceful gesture of forcing Jews out of the strip, leaving their homes and much of their belongings behind for the Gazans to have.  Yeah, that's because even though Israel left the Gaza strip, somehow that is still not enough.

For the Palestinians, their motto of "From the River to the Seas, Palestine will be free" means the utter destruction of the Jews and the nation of Israel.  Period.  Do not be fooled.  And Israel is done messing around with Gaza as well.  They want nothing else to do with it once they get rid of Hamas.

"Israel has no intention of reopening its two crossings into Gaza after the war, Foreign Minister Eli Cohen told reporters, in a statement that appeared to run contrary to the international desire to eventually unite the territory with Palestinian areas of the West Bank.

“The understanding in Israel is that there will be no more contact between Israel and Gaza,” Cohen told reporters in a briefing on Monday."

Israel FM: Israel won’t reopen its two Gaza crossings after war

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