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American Dream Gone?

American Dream Gone?

The American dream.  A good paying job, a wife, a house with a white picket fence and 2.9 children and maybe a dog.  And then.  Folks decide that sending all children to college to be leaders and the dream expands.

Now it's two jobs.  A McMansion with separate rooms for every person, a spare office for each adult, pool required, private schools, smartphones for all above what, eight?  Ten?  Six?  A fifty inch TV in every room, and a seventy in the living room where everyone stares at their phone more that the TV.  Need I go on?

So why would folks think it has become unobtainium? Beats me, you?

I digress however.  Take a closer look at the info in these articles to find that the real decline in outlook though stated over a decade or so, it is what they don't point out.  The real slide started after President Biden took office and started his economy ruining policies that he learned from his boss, Obama.

  • Only 36% of Americans still believe in the American dream, a significant decrease from previous years.
  • Half of respondents feel the economic system is stacked against them and believe life for the average American has worsened compared to 50 years ago.
  • Confidence in the American dream is lower among younger people and women, with less than 30% under 50 and women affirming it.

Declining Number of Voters Say the American Dream Holds True: Poll

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