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Militias Taking Over

Militias Taking Over

The modern Patriot movement has been around for at least forty years now.  But the media loves the word 'Militia' much better.  I have watched it through the Weaver's, Waco, Oklahoma City, Bundy Ranch, and Malheur.

For the early years, it did seem like a lot of them did a lot more harm than good for the movement overall.  They abused the crap out of the common law court system.  Many committed actual crimes like counterfeiting , bank robbery, drug dealing, etc.  Then of course, there is the media spin on it all.  Every single one is a white supremacist, always and forever, still.

But in the video below, they are doing what they should have been trying to do since day one.  Get into politics.

Lebanon is a model of militias taking over the state

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