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Utah Data Center

Utah Data Center

Have you ever heard of the Utah Data Center?  This is a continuation so to speak of my article on smartphones and computers.  This attempts to bring to light more of the 'mysteries' of our data floating around.

In the previous article, I mentioned how computers are like a huge room full of light switches.  Off or on.  All programming code is built upon that foundation.  So, one switch somewhere can divert a stream, or branch it.  You've heard of those 'back doors' programmers build into software sometimes?  It is possible, easily.

The Utah Data Center was in the news for a while after Snowden especially.  It does actually exist.  It can store tons of data for the NSA.

There was a show on called Person of Interest that took this idea to the next level, as if we are actually being watched by somebody or something always.  They called it 'the machine' in the show.  It alleges it can 'see' through all those cameras, whether traffic or in your local store's security.

I'm not ready to go there, but it is certainly possible.  There are software programs that sift through all the data out there and flag certain things.  That, in my opinion, is when they may use the Utah data center to backtrack and find out more about the person of interest.

To be continued . . .

Utah Data Center: A storage facility for the United States Intelligence Community

The Utah Data Center Covers More Than 1 Million Square Feet, And It Holds A Massive Amount Of Info

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